The Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

Individual Language Support

During individual language appointments, we provide focused support and feedback on a wide range of topics including reading, writing, listening, speaking, and U.S. cultural norms.

There are multiple appointment options for individual support. All appointments are scheduled in Eastern Time (EST).

  • In-Person Language Appointment (30-60 Minutes): Choose this option to meet with an ELS staff member in person. In-person appointments are held on the 5th Floor of the Sciences Library (located at 201 Thayer Street).
  • Zoom Language Appointment (30-60 Minutes): Choose this option to schedule a remote video conference via Zoom. A staff member will share the Zoom link to connect to the conference prior to the scheduled time.
    •  30-minute appointments can be used for shorter tasks such as email or resume writing, general conversation practice, specific speaking practice such as pronunciation, or questions about other topics and resources.
    •  60-minute appointments can be used for support on longer writing and speaking tasks such as papers or presentations.

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Master's and Ph.D. students:

Joy is happy to work with multilingual graduate students to support their language and cultural transition, academic and professional writing needs, development of oral communicative strategies and repertoires. Common topics that Joy discusses include: communicating effectively in graduate classrooms and research meetings, academic presentation skills, relationship building and interactional strategies, effective writing practices as a graduate writer (e.g. reading response, literature review, research papers, data commentary), preventing miscommunication in global English contexts of linguistic and cultural diversity, and many more.

Pre-college students, undergraduate students and faculty:

Anne enjoys reading all the interesting things that folks at Brown are working on. Common topics that Anne discusses include: decoding prompts, assignments, and feedback, contributing to class discussions, asking questions, and small talk practice, intonation and English stress patterns, support with writing essays, research papers, abstracts, and many more. 

If you do not see availability or format that works for you (e.g., time zone difference, internet availability, etc.), please reach out so that we can work with you to shift the appointment time or to determine other options to support your language goals. Contact to learn more or with questions.