The Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

Curriculum Support

The Sheridan Center offers a range of services and support for departments, including customized workshops and consultations on departmental learning outcomes and assessment.

When designing an individual course, it is important to consider how its learning objectives align with the given curriculum for the concentration in which it resides.
As your department and colleagues reflect on course content and curricular goals, you may wish to establish a process for regular and systematic review of these goals, which courses support the attainment of these goals, and how these goals are assessed. Curriculum mapping is the process of determining how the current requirements of your program support the achievement of your learning outcome goals.
At some stage – through processes such as accreditation or College Curriculum Council review – your department may be asked to provide evidence as to how and the extent to which students are achieving your established learning goals. The following outline is a brief guide to collecting that information and developing a process for ongoing improvement.