The Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning


The Tutoring Program supports select introductory STEM and language courses.

The Peer-led Tutoring Program aims to provide small peer learning groups that foster a deepening of students' understanding of course content.  To achieve this goal, tutors strive to create inclusive learning communities that meet the needs of students through tailored lesson plans, group activities (i.e., group problem-solving), and peer feedback.

Students can submit requests for group tutoring beginning Tuesday, June 18.

Group tutoring sessions are scheduled between the hours of 12 - 10 p.m. ET Sunday - Thursday and 12-5 p.m. on Friday. We do our best to offer various group sessions, but students may need to alter their schedules to accommodate the available tutoring sessions. 

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The Tutoring Program supports select introductory STEM and language courses.Group tutoring is offered in many introductory math, science, and social science courses. Students are assigned to small groups that meet weekly to review important or difficult topics covered in class that week.
Small group tutoring is available for introductory and intermediate language courses (level 0100-0400) for Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish.

Important Dates

Summer 2024

8 a.m. Tuesday, June 18


Students can submit requests. 

Sunday, June 23


Group Sessions Begin

Tuesday, July 30

Last Day to Request Tutoring for Summer 2024


The Tutoring Program does not support all courses. Tutoring is a weekly commitment and tutees are expected to attend group sessions every week. The Tutoring Program does not support private tutoring. Due to the demand for tutoring, students are automatically dropped after two unexcused absences. Students on the waitlist will receive an email when a seat is available.