The Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

Inclusive Teaching

Inclusive teaching is an explicit intellectual and affective inclusion of all students into our fields and disciplines, through course content, assessment and/or pedagogy.

Large national studies link effective mentorship to important outcomes such as degree completion (Golde, 2000; Lovitts, 2001, 2008), increased self-efficacy (Paglis, Green, & Bauer, 2006), and satisfaction with the educational experience (Gardner, 2009; Nettles & Millet, 2006).

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Teaching in the Moment

We invite you to review this wide range of resources related to teaching when a variety of disruptions might occur in your classrooms.
At the Sheridan Center, we anticipate that many instructors are wondering about how to facilitate classes adjacent to the U.S. election. Here we offer several possibilities for addressing the topic or acknowledging the emotions that many members of the Brown community may be facing at this time.

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